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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trowbridge Travels: 4 States. 3 Days. (Day 1)

We woke up at 6:30 A.M. and got ready for our grand adventure that we did not know what was yet...
Once in the car, Nathan and I decided to call Chadron State Park in Nebraska to see if they had any cabins available. They did! That is where we headed. 

We were pretty excited...4 Years of Marriage celebration starting now.

We stopped a lot of towns along our way...I will not share all of them because we took a ton of photos. (Imagine that...)

This is an Alaskan Camper. Nathan and I just bought one that we are fixing up to travel in. We saw this one in Sidney, Nebraska and Nathan just had to take a photo of it. He does not see these often because they are pretty unique and rare.

The skull was a little creepy to me...

Along the way, Nathan and I stopped by Chimney Rock. What a site! You could see it from miles away. 

Nathan and I saw where they had this awesome attraction in Alliance, Nebraska. We just had to stop and see them...especially since Nathan has a love for cars. We had so much fun seeing them. It really is a work of art.

I loved seeing that Chevy up there. Too bad it was painted. 

I think we were getting anxiuos by this point to get to our destination. We were really starting to get a little crazy. Especially when we saw the Free Rest Stop at some random farmhouse outside of Alliance. It was so funny we just had to stop and take a photo. 

When we got to Chadron, Nebraska, we went to Walmart and bought a frozen pizza, veggies, bacon and eggs, Jenga, and a deck of cards. After we ate our yummy pizza, Nathan and I played Jenga and Card games while Emma sat in her stroller watching us. It was a great time! 

More to come on Day 2!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby T: My Favorite Mommy Things.

I never thought I would have a blog post titled this...Now that I am a mom, I have realized there are certain items that make you and baby's life so much easier!! Here are few of the ones we love...

Emma Cannot go anywhere without it! Seriously the greatest invention ever! They love holding onto their little stuffed animal while sucking on the pacifier. Emma hangs onto this thing!

This stuff is great for nursing mothers! I have found this stuff really worked when I began feeding Emma. I still drink it now and then to keep my milk supply up. I drank this every night the first few weeks of Emma's life. 

I got this breast pump free through my insurance. It was sooooo nice right after I had Emma. I am not sure if it was all that tea, but I was producing more than Emma could eat. I pumped the first month and half to store my milk up. Since I am with Emma all the time, I do not pump at all anymore. I loved it when she was first born. It was great to store milk for date nights and times away from her during the day. 

If you do not get any of these at a baby shower, go out and buy these!!! They are wonderful when your baby is a new born and you change their pants during the night. I changed Emma's Diapers a lot during the night and day, and she wore these kinds of Sleepers for the first few weeks of life. I loved the cute little baby clothing, but when you have a newborn, these are the best thing! They make life easier...

This is totally worth the money!!! We recieved this baby blanket from some good friends in TN. After searching for this blanket online, I finally found it! Most of the time I want to blog at night and Emma is snuggled in this blanket, so I cannot remember the name. I have fallen in love with this blanket. It makes swaddling so easy! Nathan loves it too. It is so great for a baby. 

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