Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday.

I chose not to blog yesterday because I wanted to really soak in the time I had in Church and with family. I love Easter. Besides Christmas, it is my favorite time to Celebrate. Easter is the most important Holiday besides Christmas (for Christ's Birth), and we need Easter because of Christ's Resurrection. I love them both!! Here is a great video about Easter. 

Here are few photos from our trip to Nathan's Granparents. Great Easter Egg Hunt! 

Farm Animals. Babies.

We have grown our family once again! We now have five goats. (One is a loaner from a nice man who is helping us ease into milking.) We have 2 Chickens, 1 Rooster, 2 Ducks, 1 cat, 1 dog, and we also have 13 baby chicks and 3 baby ducks. I am not sure what we are getting ourselves into, but I can tell you this: IT'S SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

I absolutely love animals, and it is a lot of fun to come home to when I am done with work. We have been so busy lately, and I think the animals will help us slow it down and spend a little more time at home. We walked around the farm yesterday evening and planned out our goals for the summer. The list is long, and I wonder if it will get done.

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