Monday, July 11, 2016

Trowbridge Travels: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo & Manitou Springstro

DAY 1:

In June, we decided to wake up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning and head to Manitou Springs for the night. With every intention on taking Emma to the Zoo.

Since Nathan and I had never been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, we decided to make an adventure out of it.  I absolutely loved this Zoo and the interaction we had with the animals....So worth the trip!
Baby's First time to the Zoo.

 Feeding the Giraffes. It only cost $3, and you get a handful of lettuce. This was so worth giving up that Starbucks Latte I passed up on the way down to the Zoo.:)

 This one is my most favorite photo taken the entire weekend!!!! I love that smile one daddy and on Emma!

There was no fear for Emma.

 We had to stop to see Mama's Favorite Animals. You could pay $10 to feed them, but we decided not to this time.

 The next two summed up how much bonding Emma had with her daddy that day. They loved watching all of the animals together. Emma especially loved the bears.

Wait she knew these pals.

Emma's favorite animals were the gorillas. Up until the huge King Kong Gorilla was banging on the glass...

After the Zoo, we headed to Old Colorado City and walked the Streets downtown. Then, we were off to Manitou Springs.

Manitou was not as fun as we expected. Maybe we just would not call it child friendly. We ate ice cream and people watched....played in a small park, and took a swim in our over sized Jacuzzi tub. The hotel was the best part of Manitou. They had exceptional service there and I highly recommend staying at the Cliff House if you go that direction for the night.

DAY 2:

On Sunday Morning, we woke up and ate a yummy breakfast at the hotel. After, we drove home. We had our sack lunch picnic at a small school yard park in Monument. Obviously we had to play too. Emma has quite the arm muscle.

We had a very blessed weekend.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Trowbridge Travels: Visiting Marissa & Andrew

At last, we have had a Trowbridge adventure...We went to visit Andrew and Marissa in South Dakota a few weeks ago and had so much fun! Cory and Becky also came and we all had a wonderful time playing games and watching our kids play together. It was fun to see where the Elliott family lives.

We stayed in Rapid City, SD on our way up to their house and enjoyed an evening splashing in the pool and eating pizza in bed while we watched cable TV. Kind of a big deal when you do not have TV at your own house...

The next day we went to Miller and our weekend began. We were able to have a girls outing to get hair cuts and enjoy coffees.

The entire weekend was filled with seeing the church Andrew works at, eating great pizza at a local shop, shopping at their antique store, playing games, and enjoying all of the hospitality the Elliott's offered.

It was a good weekend.