Monday, May 18, 2015

What has been going on in our lives...

Lots of Rain! 

Mothers Day with my husband and baby...Yummy hot cocoa, a beautiful necklace...Loved it!

We snuggled up to one last fire before summer.

Emma loves sporting around her Eaton Reds Apparel. 

We have funny animals...Goats who act like dogs, roosters who crow outside our window in the morning. Cats who prefer dog food, and a dog who prefers cat food...

Emma is learning to sit! 

Emma is also learning how to wear sunglasses for some fun outdoors this summer. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trowbridge Travels: 4 States. 3 Days. (Day 2)

On Day two, we were in South Dakota. It was beautiful! We went to see several different attractions. 
There are a lot of scenic places and history to see along the way. We stopped at everyone that we saw.

The two photos above are one of the scenic stops.
We also drove through where Hidalgo was filmed.

I really wanted to go to the wild horse sanctuary. We drove through really quick, but did not have time to stop. I took a picture from afar.

As a child, Nathan remembered going to the Mammoth Site. This is pretty awesome and well worth the money.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge coffee lover. When we travel, I love stopping and getting a coffee at hole in the wall coffee shops. This place did a great job on my latte. 

After the Mammoth site, we went the back roads to Mount Rushmore. It was absolutely beautiful and we will always go this route from now on. There were several tunnels, wild buffalo, and just beautiful scenery the whole way there! 

You can see that the roads are narrow.

We had to make a tradition out of this experience and buy Emma another Tie Dye Onesie. They did not have the onesie in stock so we made due with a 2T. She will be able to wear it when she is older. ;)

We went by the National Presidental Wax Museum. 
This is a great place to learn about history. 

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