Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Looking for some Lovely All Natural Products for your Body?!

Essential oils are great for your body and help my family and I maintain a healthy life style. So far, oils have done so many great things to support our health needs. I would have to say that my favorite oil is Lemongrass because it is all around good and beneficial for your body. It also smells great too.

Want to know why I love lemongrass and many other oils? Please email me at and I will share with you some health benefits.

My friend is selling some great makeup and the best part! It is all natural. I love the fact that I can feel good about the products I put on my body. The Brand is called Younique. I cannot wait to order and start trying some new product.

Want to try this makeup? Check out this link. Younique Party

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Emma:10 Months

Emma is being such a big girl as she waves goodbye, jabbers, eats a lot, and loves people. She has so much fun walking (with help), and playing with cousins when they visit at the store. She is a joy in our life.

Here are a few photos of Emma for Month 10:

Watch Emma Grow:
Emma Month 1
Emma Month 2
Emma Month 3
Emma Month 4
Emma Month 5
Emma Month 6
Emma Month 7
Emma Month 8
Emma Month 9