Monday, June 6, 2016

Trowbridge Travels: Visiting Marissa & Andrew

At last, we have had a Trowbridge adventure...We went to visit Andrew and Marissa in South Dakota a few weeks ago and had so much fun! Cory and Becky also came and we all had a wonderful time playing games and watching our kids play together. It was fun to see where the Elliott family lives.

We stayed in Rapid City, SD on our way up to their house and enjoyed an evening splashing in the pool and eating pizza in bed while we watched cable TV. Kind of a big deal when you do not have TV at your own house...

The next day we went to Miller and our weekend began. We were able to have a girls outing to get hair cuts and enjoy coffees.

The entire weekend was filled with seeing the church Andrew works at, eating great pizza at a local shop, shopping at their antique store, playing games, and enjoying all of the hospitality the Elliott's offered.

It was a good weekend.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Our life the past few months...In Photos.

Just out enjoying the nice weather. What daddy does, Emma does.

Easter 2016

Electricity outage and blizzard day! We tried cooking and making hot water on our stove. Besides a big mess. (bad choice to make queso when you have not water to clean it all up! However, we do not think we would have wanted it any other way. Delicious!)

Sunday Snuggles.

Just an evening bike ride.

Emma has two face expressions.
Her mean ornery one, and her smile. We have to capture both to let her see later.

All said and done, I would say we are pretty blessed.