Friday, January 22, 2016

Emma: 12 Months

One year has flown by! Emma has done a lot in the past month. She says "dada and mama."
This is a late post, and I am kind of glad because I can record when she learned to walk. 

10 Days after Emma turned one, she took her first steps. 

It was a special weekend because we went to Phoenex, AZ and my granparents and Nathan's grandparents were both able to watch her. 

In one year, Emma has been in 5 States, traveled on an airplane, said her first word...sorta, met wonderful playmates, and celebrated every holiday for the first time! 

We are blessed.

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.
-Psalm 127:3

On Emma's Birthday, we celebrated at 7:00 in the morning before we went to work. Nathan was off later that night and I had a volleyball game. Because of this, we had a birthday party early! It was fun. She was woken up to a candle in a donut, balloons thrown in her crib, a sugar cookie with friends (Mia and Bennett) at Dale and Marsha's, and a birthday lunch with her cousin Eli.

Watch Emma Grow! 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Emma:11 Months

Emma thinks she is a big girl. She loves to crawl and stand on stuff. We have been loving watching her grow these past few months. She loves waving to daddy for work every morning. She loves pointing at things she wants. She is also taking after mommy to drinking a lot of water. 
This Month, Emma gets to experience her first Christmas! We have photos below. It has been a wonderful year full of blessings. 

Trying to get Emma to Stand on her own.

Decorating gingerbread houses with Cousins.

Looking at lights. She loved it!

Celebrating my birthday with Emma. (Yes this is granola...haha)

Eating breakfast on Christmas Eve as a family.

Celebrating Christmas with the Trowbridge Family. 
We stayed the night on Christmas Eve.

Yes, we like our silly faces....look at the next one.

We enjoyed taking Emma on her first Sled. 

Watch Emma Grow!