Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 2: A day at the Beach with Last Minute Clearance Swimsuits.

DAY: Last minute Swimsuits on Clearance...3 mile walk, and a great breakfast! 

We woke up the next morning thinking we wanted to find a yummy breakfast somewhere. Our hotel charged $17/each for a cold breakfast bar. We were not about to pay that. We found out there was a swim shop as well as 2 Restaurants a 1/2 a mile from the hotel. Since we did not think to rent a car, we walked everywhere. Which we thought was good thinking until we found out the island had 4 restaurants. 

We ate at a really great restaurant called Johnny Longboats. It was delicious. We also highly recommend it if you ever go to Singer Island. 
Right down the road from Johnny Longboats was a swim shop called Wings Beachwear. It had a few clearance swimsuits we decided to buy for the day.

After Breakfast, we decided we would walk to the grocery store (which we did not think was so far away.) We were wearing pants and short sleeve shirts since our luggage had not arrived. We were hot in the 97 degree weather (plus humidity).

 We walked and walked and walked. Finally we reached the grocery store and bought some apples and snacks to hold us over at the beach. We did not have a fridge in our hotel room, so we only bought things that did not need to be chilled. 

We found out 2 days before leaving that our hotel offered refrigerators if you asked them to bring one to your room....words of advice when traveling: Ask the hotel how much breakfast costs, and ask them if they have refrigerators! 

After our long (3-4 mile) walk in the hot, hot weather, we went out to the beach. It made all the inconveniences so worth it! It was so relaxing and our missing luggage did not really bother us anymore. We just sat and enjoyed listening to the waves. 

We sat under an umbrella like this most of the week. It was great for me! I loved reading magazines and playing solitaire for hours while laying on the beach. Nathan enjoyed reading True Grit

Nathan splashing in the ocean.

A view of the hotel from the ocean. This was the only busy day at the beach. We had a lot less people the rest of the week. 

We took walks on the beach every night. Especially since we had to walk back and forth to dinner. The nice thing about all the walking we did was that the destinations were always right off the beach. 

We received our luggage about 6 Pm. Which was just in time for dinner :)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trowbridge Travel: Florida Day 1 (4 Places and One Destination)

DAY 1: (4 places and 1 destination) Denver, Dallas, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.
We began our venture at 5 in the morning when my parents picked us up for the airport. As you can see it was dark and we were tired. We arrived at the airport to find out our flight was delayed and we would miss our connecting flight in Dallas. We took the closest next flight. (Sat at the airport for 2 hours...not too bad)
Waiting for the plane. 
Finally taking off! Once we arrived in Dallas, we were able to get a quick connecting flight to Tampa and then another flight to West Palm Beach, Florida. 
Overlooking islands right off West Florida. 
Once we arrived in Tampa, we had ten minutes to hurry onto the next flight. We hurried along and made it and found out we were on a little plane. We walked out to to the tarmac and got on the plane. It was so much fun! 

Once we arrived at the West Palm Beach Airport (around 830 PM), we found out our luggage would not arrive until 11:30. We were so bummed after 12+ hours of flying and rushing around. We ordered a shuttle and decided to let our airline bring the luggage to the hotel the next day. We were given little care packages that held us over until the next morning. We ordered a pizza from a great mom and pop Pizza Restaurant called Romano Pizza. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) 

That conclude our first day of travels. Next comes the most relaxing time I have ever spent on the beach. 

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